A literary essay based on “A Pet”
By Andersen Cabble

Some people are not happy with what they get. In the story “A Pet” from Every Little Thing by Cythia Rylant Emma shows that exact idea. Emma wants a pet so her parents get her a goldfish and she was not happy so she needs to learn to be happy with what she gets because she could not get anything.
Early in the story Emma is trying to convince her parents that she can get a dog or a cat. Finally one day her parents gave in. So when Emma got home from school she walked up to her room she found a fish tank with an old blind goldfish named Joshua. She was not happy she was mad at her parents because she claimed it was not a pet.
Later in the story Emma could not help becoming fond of Joshua. She also loved his bold dashes to the shrimp flake food when she didn’t use. That proves you can grow on something you didn’t used to like in Emma’s case that something is Joshua.
At the end of the story when Emma woke up and walked over to feed Joshua but he was dead. She saw him floating on top of the water. Than in the middle of grieving for Joshua Emma realizes that Joshua is a real pet but it is too late.
Be happy with what you have because one day it will be gone. You also have to know the difference between what you want and what you need. This is a lesson I need to learn because I always want more than what my parents offer me so I need to learn to be happy with what I have and what I get because I could get nothing.

Exotic animals should not be kept as pets

By: Andersen C. Cabble

Some people feel that anybody should be allowed to keep an exotic pet like a panther or a chimpanzee. In reality however these animals can be very dangerous, the smallest mistake like leaving the enclosure door unlocked can lead up to a life or death situation. In the following paragraphs you will learn how dangerous exotic pets can be, fatal diseases exotic animals can bring, and that they can escape their enclosures. They may start off by looking cute, but they could be your last fatal mistake.

To begin with many, many, many exotic animals can be very dangerous. Like according to National Geo Graphic big cats have caused a whopping 164 human injuries and 21 human deaths. Also, reptiles have caused 103 human injuries and 19 human deaths. All of that was through 1990 and 2011. And if you don’t believe me maybe you will believe me led her when I tell you about the poor lady who owned a chimpanzee. It was just a regular day in her house, and then suddenly her chimpanzee mauled her. Thankfully she did survive, But with terrible scars. So like I said exotic animals can be very dangerous. So do you believe me now that exotic animals can be very dangerous?

In addition exotic pets can carry and spread deadly diseases. According to born free USA, there are 2 common diseases exotic pets can spread they are herpes B-virus and salmonellosis. Herpes B-virus a disease that affects a very popular exotic pet… the macaque monkey. The disease affects 80-90% of the adorable creatures. The disease is harmless to the monkeys, but is often fatal to humans. Salmonellosis is a disease about 90% of all reptiles carry and shed Salmonellosis in their faces. Iguanas, snakes, lizards, and turtles are all common carriers of this bacterium. And beware carriers of this disease do not show any symptoms.

Finally, certain exotic animals can escape their enclosures. Like in 2013 when 2 boys in Canada were having a sleep over in the other boy’s apartment room. They live in an apartment with a pet store on the bottom floor. One night the 2 boys were sleeping but that same night a python escaped went into the boy’s room and ate them. Or maybe if you own exotic pets with an enclosure outside and you leave it unattended the animal could escape and endanger local kids, pets, and even adults. And the worst part is that local people don’t even have a choice. In some states you don’t even need a permit to have an exotic pet. So those people can get exotic pets whenever they want.

The thing is though you can use certain exotic pets as service animals. But in the end they could be more dangerous than helpful. I know that you might say that a tiger or a monkey could help keep you calm in a restaurant or a wedding or any other busy place. However have you ever thought of how the animal would feel? Exotic pets can get over-whelmed by all the scents and sounds. And one of the results to that is a rampage. You might also say some people can’t have kids of their own and don’t adopt a human kid, but instead they adopt a chimpanzee. But just because they are our closest relatives in the animal kingdom does not mean they can replace a human child. And besides chimpanzees can turn really vicious really fast.

Exotic animals can be dangerous, can spread deadly disease, and escape their enclosure. So if you think exotic animals should be allowed to be kept as pets than hopefully I have changed your mind.