Bloody Eye
By: Ava
“Watch out!” my brother Dylan screamed I looked up I saw a long metal bat in front of me. My life flashed before my eyes then the metal bat hit my eye. I started sobbing, I covered my eye with my hand when I removed my hand it was wet and bloody. My heart started pounding and I started to panic I didn’t know what to do.
“Mom” I screamed as I ran inside the house my mom ran from her room down stairs she only took one look at me and speed walked down the stairs to get an ice pack from the kitchen. Finally I thought, when my mom got back up the stairs she gently pressed the ice pack it onto my eye the blood spreaded onto the paper towel that was around the ice pack.
My mom grabbed her car keys then Dylan and I climbed into the car. I wonder where she was taking Dylan and I all she told me was keep the ice pack on my eye. It felt like my eye was going to fall out because it was throbbing so much. My eyes started to get heavy I couldn’t keep my eyes open so I gave up trying to keep my eyes open so I just closed them.
When my eye opened I didn’t know where I was. My left eye was covered with a big band aid. I was on a stretcher I didn’t get off of the stretcher so I just looked around. I saw Dylan and my mom. The doctor came into the room “she’s going to be okay,” she said “she just needs Neosporin on it” “also she might have a scar” the doctor said. I tried not to talk but I ended up blurting out “What happened?”
“Your brother hit you with a bat above your eye” my mom said. Before we left the doctor gave my brother and I a teddy bear. I got a scar from getting hit in the face I still have the teddy bear. I also hope I don’t take another visit to the hospital soon. For now I’m going to look out for where I’m going so I don’t get hurt.

“Stray” from Every Living Thing
Literary Essay
By: Ava
Most of the times you think you get everything you want. You don’t always get what you want, sometimes the things you want isn’t what you need. Sometimes you have to work for what you want the things you want don’t magically appear. Some things you can’t afford. Everything doesn’t always go your way. In the short story “Stray” from the book Every Living Thing by Cynthia Rylant. Doris needs to work for what she wants. You have to work for what you want and if you are determined you can accomplish anything.
Early in the story, Doris knows that she has to work hard for what she wants. Doris finds a stray dog outside so she brings it home. Doris’s parents let the dog stay in the basement and Doris’s mom let it have the table scraps. Because the roads were bad Mr. Lacey couldn’t take the puppy to the pound.
Later in the story, Doris still wants the dog to stay. After four days the puppy didn’t complain and it never cried in the night. One night at dinner Doris talked to her parents. Doris tried to convince them to keep the dog by saying “she’s a good dog” and “she’s not much trouble” but her parents continued to ignore her. Doris was still determined to convince her parents to keep the dog so it won’t go to the pound.
At the end of the story, Doris is having a hard time trying to convince her parents to keep the dog and not take the dog to the pound. Doris is working hard and is determined to keep the dog so it won’t go to the pound. Doris heard the trunk of the car slam shut then one of the doors opened then the door closed. Doris tried to convince her dad to let the dog stay and not take it to the pound. Doris tried to stop her dad by saying “please” but it didn’t work. Doris’s dad left to take the puppy to the pound.
I believe that Cynthia Rylant wrote this story to remind us that we have to work for what we want. If you are determined you can accomplish anything no matter how hard you think it is. In my life I learned you have to work hard for what you want and if you are determined you can accomplish anything. If you are determined it can help you with homework, sports, and other goals.