ana3 writing

Part #1 of the story,
The Front Flip Frenzy

It was a Saturday afternoon and all through the house, it was so loud, you couldn’t hear a mouse. Okay, okay enough with the rhyme time, let’s get to the story. I was waiting and waiting, and the second I lost my patience, something magical happened. The phone rang! My hand jolted to pick it up as Jusaine Bolt jolted in his race at the summer Olympics. “Talk to me” I blurt with excitement.

“My mom said yes, what about yours?” asked Luke.

“Let me go ask her” I reply as I head for the stairs. I sprinted up the stairs and almost tripped, but I made it to my mom’s room alive, luckily. “Can I sleep over at Luke’s tonight?” I ask my mom.

“Sure baby cakes” my mom replies with a chuckle, as if she knew I was going to ask. After I told Luke, I asked “Can you pack for me?” to my mom.

“Sure baby cakes” my mom replied with a big, white teeth smile. As I exit my mom’s nest she calls it, I come to a halt to the most terrifying thing known to man. A sad, lonely red skittle, lying on the unforgiving floor. In anger, I pick up the skittle and chuck it into the toilet and flush.

“Goodbye” I yell, over bubbling like a volcano in anger.

“What are you doing in there?!” my mom asked suspiciously. After a few seconds of complete terror, I reply


“Whatever” my mom says. As I scurry down the stairs, I almost trip. “Klutz” I tell myself. After I finished with the walk of shame down the stairs, and realized it was just about thirty minutes to departing for the Balow’s.


As I take off my shoes, I ask Luke “Can we go on the tramp?” Luke doesn’t hesitate and replies sure. So, I put my shoes back on, and we headed for the trampoline. I yank off my shoes and I enter.

“Can you show me how to do a front flip?” I asked Luke. “Sure” He replied. “Okay, you need to get a stomp, and then you rotate your body forwards, and push out your feet” He said.

“Okay I replied. As I tried, I forgot to push out my feet, but I flipped!

“Now push out your feet” said Luke smiling.

“Alright, I got this” I said confidently. I stomp and… I failed. I failed terribly. I turned too much, and I almost flew out of the trampoline!

“I can’t do this” I say in defeat. As I try again, I almost break my ankle.

“Try one more time” Luke told me with confidence. As I try, I rotate and land.

“Yes!” I exclaim, exploding with joy.

“Alright guys, time to leave for Mullet Lake” said Mr. Balow “Mullet Lake isn’t going to come here”

To Be Continued…